Letitia Glenn Biddle Award

This award, established in 2022, honors individuals who exemplify and promote the values of Andalusia resident and gardener, Letitia Glenn Biddle. A champion of land stewardship and gifted in the art of growing plants and garden design, she also advocated for horticulture education, skills development, and providing opportunities for those interested in horticulture professions. The Letitia Glenn Biddle Award ensures that such enduring values, which remain central to Andalusia’s mission today, are celebrated for years to come. 

Letitia Glenn Biddle moved to Andalusia in 1888 after marrying Charles Biddle. She noticed only vegetables were planted on the grounds, so she worked with gardeners to add flowers. Letitia became a cofounder of the Garden Club of Philadelphia, which held its first meeting at Andalusia in 1904, and the Garden Club of American, which drafted its bylaws in the Billiard Room in 1913. The following decade she helped to expand women’s opportunities to study and practice horticulture as a cofounder of the School of Horticulture for Women, now Temple Ambler School of Horticulture and Landscape Design. Until her death in 1950, Letitia Glenn Biddle remained an avid horticulturalist and steward of the gardens at Andalusia.

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